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Country OHS (Health and Wellbeing) Specialist - IKEA Korea Service Office

Gwangmyeong, South Korea - Explorează locaţia Sănătate & Siguranţă Normă întreagă
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Who you are

You have key previous experiences and skills in following areas:
• 5 to 10 years of direct experience in safety and health related field
• Preference:
- Industrial safety engineer certification holder
- A bachelor’s degree in any of the following or related disciplines in a four-year or higher level university: Safety, Industrial safety, Environmental Engineering, industrial Hygiene
- Fluent in written and spoken English & Korean.

• 안전보건 실무경력 5~10년
• 우대사항 :
- 산업안전산업기사 이상의 자격을 취득한 사람
- 4년제 대학이상의 학교에서 산업안전 관련 학위를 취득한 사람
- 우리말 및 영어 말하기, 쓰기가 유창한 사람

Your responsibilities

• Establish IKEA Korea SH&W targets and strategies
• Establish IKEA Korea SH&W management system which fulfills the relevant requirements such as Serious Accident Punishment Act, Korea OHS Act and Ingka Group Guidelines
• Support store SH&W Specialists to ensure 100% implementation of Ikea Korea OHS management system in the stores
• Drive incident management including but not limited to promoting OHS incident reporting, supervising incident closure, leading the investigation of major incidents, and preparing incident analysis
• Collect and analyze relevant OHS data to provide suitable solutions for promoting overall safety, health, and wellbeing of co-workers
• Monitor OHS legal updates, analyze potential impacts caused by legal change
• Conduct regular OHS audit with CSO to improve the IKEA Korea OHS management system continuously
• Liaison with government regarding OHS issues

• 이케아코리아 안전보건경영 목표 및 전략 수립
• 잉카그룹 규칙 및 국내 법적 요건(산업안전보건법, 중대재해처벌법 등) 을 충족하는 이케아코리아 안전보건경영체제를 구축
• 이케아코리아 안전보건경영체제가 각 매장에서 제대로 구현될 수 있도록 매장 담당 SH&W Specialist들을 지원
• 안전보건 사건사고 근본원인 조사, 재발방지 대책수립 및 조치결과 검토 등을 통해 동종 재해 예방을 도모
• 이케아코리아의 안전보건 데이터를 수집/분석하고 근로자의 안전 및 건강을 증진하기 위한 솔루션을 제공
• 이케아코리아 안전보건경영체제 개선을 위한 안전보건 내부감사 실시
• 안전보건 관계법령 제개정 사항을 모니터링하고 당사에 미치는 영향을 분석
• 안전보건 관련 대관업무

In this role you will report to the Chief Safety Officer.
This role is located in Gwangmyeong-Si (Service Office IKEA Korea).

*SH&W: Safety, Health & Wellbeing
**OHS: Occupational Health and Safety

About this work area

In our team we focus on the health and safety of all IKEA co-workers, so that our co-workers can focus on our customers. Together we find new ways of creating a sound and heathy work environment where people thrive and perform every day. Because we believe that a safe and happy workplace is key to a prospering business!

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